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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Guru Dudu Silent Disco Tour at Byron Bay - Sep 5, 3pm

Come and join an hour of play, fun, dance and sings as we move through the streets and beaches of Byron.

About this Event

Come and join an hour of play, fun, dance and sings as we move through the streets and beaches of Byron.

This is a facilitated group event where we call upon the disco gods and immerse ourselves on a bubble of joy and freedom. "Dance like nobody is watching"

We all wear headphones (supplied) and are listening to the same playlist of uplifting dance music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & more plus the fun commentary from the tour guide. It’s all about:

- spontaneous ‘flash-mob’ dancing

- interpretative dancing and singing around local landmarks

- fun commentary and interventions to get you laughing

- keeping fit

- community connection

- re-imagining our well known streets

The tours cater to all ages and demographics. The magic of our team is we create a conducive atmosphere for people to feel free to let down their inhibitions and move freely. We never force anyone to act the fool, however plenty of invitations are offered, and we find people naturally find a level of expression that suits where they are at on the day.


It's preferable if people aren't carrying bags, etc so they can more fully enjoy the dancing. Also it's advisable if people are wearing comfortable shoes.

If you wish to carry water do your best to have your hands free.


Meet at the parking area in the main beach in Byron Bay, near Fish Heads cafe. Please arrive 10mins prior to the starting time.


- All headphones will be disinfected before the event

- Social distancing will be encouraged and reminded through the event

- Hand sanitiser will the provided

- Mask are welcomed but not mandatory

- Please if you are feeling unwell refrain from coming on the tour, if you already bought your ticket Pm and we will arrange for you to come another time.


Alexandra aka 'Lila the Dancing Diva' has been part of Guru Dudu Silent Disco Walking Tours for the last 6 years. She has hosted more than 500 discos all over Australia and Europe.

She has been performing for the last 15 years, teaching improv and is trained as a group facilitator. Her core values are Authenticity, Growth and Connection.

Now living in the Shire she is loaded with excitement to share her true passion creating a safe space for our inner children to come out and play.

For more information on Guru Dudu Silent Disco Walking Tours visit


Please be mindful of your personal safety and the safety of others while on the tour. The headphones decrease your ability to hear regular noises on the street so it is important that you listen and adhere to the safety instructions of the host at all times, in particular in regards to road safety.

The headphones are fitted with a volume switch so you can adjust the sound to an appropriate level for your safety and enjoyment.

As the tour will cover a variety of physical terrains we ask that you take responsibility for your own safety and wellbeing (e.g. avoiding slippery surfaces, not climbing on any objects that are off the ground, etc.)

Please also take responsibility to move within your own physical limits while participating in the tour.

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on our tours in the interests of everyone's safety. The host reserves the right to discontinue the tour should the participants not be attending to the advice around safety.


All tour attendees participating in a Silent Disco Walking Tour do so at their own risk and waive any liability claims against Guru Dudu Productions. This includes personal injury as well as loss, damage or theft to any participants property while they are participating in a tour.

Any child under 12 years must be under direct supervision of an adult at all times.